Deleted (Did not originate as Comics)

Alien vs. Predator (originated in film)

Addams Family, The (originated as single panel magazine cartoons)

Battle Royale (originated as a novel)

Blue Beetle, The (originated as a radio program in 1940)

Buck Rogers (originated in pulp fiction)

Casper the Friendly Ghost (originated as a children's book)

Conan the Barbarian (originated in pulp fiction)

Darkman (originated as a film)

Doc Savage (originated in pulp fiction)

Felix the Cat (originated as animated film)

Greatest American Hero, The

Green Hornet, The (originated as a radio show)

King Kull (originated in pulp fiction)

Little Lulu (originated as single panel magazine cartoons)

Lone Ranger, The (originated as a radio program)

Lorna, the Jungle Girl (Don Rico, 1953; The 1941 serial is based upon a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, not the comic which came twelve years later)

Nyoka, the Jungle Girl (originated as a short story by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1929, long before the comic which came along in 1942)

Red Sonja (originated in pulp fiction)

Ring, The (originated as a novel by Koji Suzuki)

Sengoku Jieitai 1549 (originated in film, 1979)

Shadow, The (Originated in fiction, adapted to radio, then adapted to comics)

Star Ociean: Second Story (Mayumi Azuma 1999; "Star Ocean EX" Hiroshi Watanabe 2001 - this manga originated as a videogame)

Them, The (Paul Allan, 1998; Based on a series of short films called "The Them" directed by Paul Allan and Martin Peace, 1986-1988)

Zorro (originated as a film from 1920?)