Not Sure

AD Police [There was a manga and two animes (one TV series, one OVA), but I'm not sure which came first]

Black Mask ("Hak Hap" This is a film with Jet Li. Is it based on a comic? When was the comic published?)

Bluthochzeit, Die (When was the first publication of this Jean Van Hamme comic?)

Corto Maltese (Did Pratt write a novel based on his famous adventurer?  What year, title?)

Di Gi Charat [various manga and animes, not sure of the relationship]

Ducks Yas Yas (Robert Crumb, 1972; Adapted to a short film by Doug Smith? When?)

Eltingville by Dorking?

Feel 100% (Lau Wan Kit ????; "Feel 100%" Joe Ma 1996, "Feel 100% 2" Joe Ma 1996, "Feel 100%" Shu-Kai Chung 2003)  What was the date of the comic's original publication?  There was also a television series.  Does anyone have any information about it? Years? Directors?

Feiffer's People (When did Feiffer first publish "Sick, Sick, Sick, and The Explainers?"  Who adapted and directed "Feiffer's People" in 1969?  What theatre and where?)

G-Men From Hell (2000). Is this based on a Mike Allred comic?  Does anyone know which one and when it was first published?

Grand Magic Circus, Le (A play?  If so, adapted from what comic?)

Human Target (animated or live action?)

Jon Sable Freelance (what is this?)

Maakies (when did Millionaire first publish Maakies?  who animated the clips for SNL?  what years did SNL use the clips?)

Mobile Police Patlabor [The manga and the original anime were roughly contemporary, Iím not sure which came first. There are several later anime versions, but Iím not sure of their relationship with the manga]

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (when did Miyazaki first publish the comic?  when did the recut "Warriors of the Wind" come out?)

Passionella (when did Feiffer first publish this comic?)

R. Crumb Comix Show, The (Anyone with information about The Theatrical adaptation of Robert Crumb's characters by Hip Pocket Productions in Fort Worth Texas? WHich characters were adapted? Who was the director?)

Red Ryder (what years and what stations broadcast Red Ryder on the radio?)

Road to Perdition (I need information on the novel, including author, year and title)

Rolling Red Knuckles (Created by Martin Emond. When was the comic published? What is the name of the film? Who directed it? When was it released?)

Sam and Max (When did Steve Purcell first publish Sam & Max?)

Skippy (is the "Skippy Hollywood Theater" radio program related to the Skippy comic of 1923?)

Superboy (television series?)

Tailspin Tommy (what years and what stations broadcast Red Ryder on the radio?)

Talipandas (when did Coching first publish this comic?)

Tintin in Tibet (Was this a play adapted from Herge's character Tintin?  If so, when, where and by whom?)

Tintin (Was Tintin made into a novel?  What year and who is the author?  What is the title?)

Yiu Sau Dou Si ("The Wicked City" 1992 film based on a comic? Who wrote the comic and when was it originally published?)