Comic Titles Adapted to Theatre Presentations

American Splendor (Harvey Pekar, 1976; "American Splendor" (Lancaster, PA, The Independent Eye) Conrad Bishop 1985, "American Splendor" (Washington DC, Arena Stage) Lloyd Rose & James C. Nicola 1987, "American Splendor" (Los Angeles, CA, Hollywood's Theatre) Vince Waldron 1990)

Andy Capp (in "The Daily Mirror" Reg Smythe 1957; "Andy Capp: The Musical" (Great Barr Musical Theatre Company, United Kingdom) 2006)

Asterix the Gaul (Rene Goscinny 1959; "Asterix the Gaul" (Le Grand Magic Circus, France) Jerome Savary ????)

Barbarella (Jean-Claude Forest, 1962; "Barbarella the Musical" (Vienna, Austria) Kim Duddy 2004)

Bitchy Bitch (Roberta Gregory 1990; "Bitchy Bitch Live" (Play) (Seattle, Seattle Fringe Theater Festival) Alan Reade 1995, "A Very Bitchy Christmas" (Seattle, Crocodile Cafe) Robert Lawson 1995)

Didi Glitz (Diane Noomin 1975; "I'd Rather Be Doing Something Else: The Didi Glitz Story" (musical) (San Francisco, CA)  Debra Jean Pollock 1981)

Doonesbury (Gary Trudeau 1970; "Doonesbury" (musical) (Broadway, Bitmore Theatre) Jacques Levy 1983-1984)

Feiffer's People ("Sick, Sick, Sick and The Explainers" Jules Feiffer ????; "Feiffer's People" (????) ???? 1969)

Get Your War On (David Rees 2001; "Get Your War On" (DiverseWorks, Houston TX) 2006)

The Good Times Are Killing Me (Lynda Barry, 1988; "The Good Times Are Killing Me" (Iowa State University Theatre, USA) Shirley
Basfield-Dunlap, 1999)

Hey, Wait... (Jason 2000; "Hey, Wait..." (Minneapolis, MN, the Theater Gallery) ???? 2005)

Krazy Kat (George Herriman 1913; "Krazy Kat" (Ballet) John Alden Carpenter 1922)

Lil' Abner (Al Capp 1934, Frank Frazetta 1954; "Li'l Abner" (musical) (Broadway, St. James Theatre) Michael Kidd 1956-1957)

Liska Bystrouska (Rudolph Tesnohlidek 1920; "The Cunning Little Vixen" (Opera) (Czech, Brno) Leo Janacek 1924)

Little Orphan Annie (Harold Gray 1925, Leonard Starr 1979, Jay Maeder & Andrew Pepoy 2000; "Annie" (Musical) (New York, Broadway, Alvin Theatre) Martin Charnin 1977, "Annie Warbucks" (Musical) (New York, Off-Broadway, Variety Arts Theatre) ???? 1993, "Annie" (Musical) (New York, Broadway, Martin Beck Theatre) Martin Charnin 1997)

Passionella (Jules Feiffer ????; "Passionella" (musical) (Broadway, Shubert Theatre) Mike Nichols 1966)

Peanuts (Charles Schulz, 1950; "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" (musical) (Broadway, John Golden Theatre) ???? 1971-1972; "Snoopy" (musical) (Broadway, Ambassador Theatre) Michael Mayer 1998-1999)

R. Crumb Comix (Robert Crumb (cumulative works); Robert Crumb & Johnny Simons (Hip Pocket Theatre) 1985, 1990, 1999, 2006)

Superman (Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, 1938; "It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman" (musical) (Broadway, Alvin Theatre) ???? 1965-1966)

Tintin (Georges Remi (aka Herge), 1929; "Tinin" (Barbican Theatre, London, United Kingdom) Rufus Norris 2005)

Too Much Coffee Man (Shannon Wheeler 1991; "Too Much Coffee Man" Devon Allen (Portland Center for the Performing Arts, Portland OR) 2006)

Whiteman Meets Bigfoot ("Home Grown Funnies" Robert Crumb, 1971; "Whiteman Meets Bigfoot" (San Francisco, Dell'Arte Players) Alain Schons, 1980)

Zippy the Pinhead (in "Real Pulp Comix #1" Bill Griffith 1971; "Fun: the Concept" (San Francisco, CA, Dark Room theatre) Denzil J. Meyers & Jim Fourniadis (writers) 2004)